Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hazardous Chemicals in Video Game Consoles

Looks like Greenpeace has been doing some testing on the Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3, and no, they weren't trying to determine which was the better platform in terms of content or sales.

It would appear that all current generation video game consoles contain components manufactured from hazardous chemicals. In truth, this should come as no surprise to anyone, as everything in North America is made with chemicals today, and everything gives you cancer, gas, or herpes.

Anyway, according to Greenpeace, it's completely possible for the current console manufacturers, namely Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, to clean up their products, or at least their next-gen consoles that they will all undoubtedly make.

If you agree with Greenpeace, and would like to express your concern for more environmentally sound manufactured game consoles, you can write to each respective developer via Greenpeace for Microsoft here, Nintendo here, and Sony here.

Though the cost of each console would likely go up, so long as the hardware performs, I'll personally support this, and I've already written to each designer. Couldn't hurt, that's for sure. Look at it this way: The Master Chief is green, the Xbox brand loves green, so why shouldn't Microsoft make it a green console? Ah, you like that one don't you. Don't you?

Original story spotted at TeamXbox.

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