Saturday, May 03, 2008

Halo 3 Terminals

In this week's Weekly Update, Bungie gives word that a Halo blog by the name of Ascendant Justice has taken it upon themselves to beautifully write up the details found in the terminals scattered about Halo 3, bringing the conflict between the Forerunners and the Flood into concise clarity and shedding some extra light on the excellent Halo backstory.

"Recently, ascendant Justice began a three part series exploring The Terminals – a facet of Halo 3’s campaign experience that falls somewhere between easter egg and deep canon.

In truth, it’s both and gives a deliberately enigmatic look at the backstory of the Forerunners. It was designed, first and foremost as a gameplay and intellectual challenge for fans of the very deep fiction. Find it, read it and understand it. Now that the Terminals have been fully explored, it’s time they were fully understood – and Ascendant Justice’s explanation of the Terminal story is ambitious, readable and frankly, pretty close to perfectly accurate.

You can check it all out right here. I've read the first article and I must say, I'm quite impressed. Obviously, this link contains spoilers for Halo 3.

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