Sunday, June 22, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360) Demo Impressions

Having never been a fan of the series, I decided to give the Xbox 360 demo of Battlefield: Bad Company a try simply because I was curious to see what kind of humour the game would offer.

The demo sees you and your squad clearing out a town of hostiles, defending it from enemy re-inforcements, disabling some kind of jamming devices, and then confirming the removal of additional enemy forces.

A fair bit to do and a good sized demo, and while it offered up a nice bit of FPS action, the demo for Battlefield: Bad Company didn't stike me as anything innovative or revolutionary. Sure you can drive vehicles, swap out weapons, heal yourself, etc., but nothing in it screamed new, unique, or exciting to me. Thus, I felt no real pull, challenge, or draw to the game, and no reason to recommend it to you. Quite literally everything I did in that demo I've already done elsewhere.

I also didn't find anything special about the humour I saw; a few good lines, but nothing to LOL about.

And those are my simple impressions. Absolutely nothing special or remarkable, like the demo itself.

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