Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Sold, Dead Rising Purchased

Thursday night I finally had enough and finalized a deal to sell Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360). Despite my angry rambling that was nearly a review, I sell it with mixed feelings; there were parts of the game I truly did love, but sadly, parts that I truly, honestly, hated with all my blackened heart.

I loved Liberty City. I loved its design, I loved its attitude, and I loved its humour. God, did I love its humour. Rockstar's satire in Grand Theft Auto IV is the best I've ever experienced bar none. The radio shows, the TV shows, the Internet, pure genius.

I also loved stealing cars. That was fun. And I loved running over pedestrians with the car. That was more fun. Than I loved running over the emergency medical teams who came to help those people. That was sadistically fun.

Fond memories.

But then, on the other side of the coin, there's the bloody combat controls that really pissed me off. And the horrible dialogue in the story missions. And the absolutely pathetic save system that made me long for Gears of War's Checkpoint saves. Yeah that's right, I went there.

So alas Niko Bellic, it was not to be. Our affair was brief, but you really aren't all that everyone said you were, so I'm dumping you off on someone else. In this case, the Staff!

Yup, he bought it off me. He also has a similar love/hate relationship with Grand Theft Auto IV, but unlike me, he's a masochist. And he's also going to review the game once he's done, won't you dude?

Of course, I wanted a new game to begin with, so with the money he gave me, I went out and bought Dead Rising today. I have a zombie fetish, what can I say. Look, this isn't California, alright, so it's all good. Jeez.

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