Sunday, December 21, 2008

New BioShock Merchandise Available Via Take 2 Store

All franchises carry merchandise potential, and BioShock is no exception.

2K Games has released several new pieces of BioShock merchandise only available via the Take 2 Store here, including lithographs and t-shirts.

The highlight of the collection, however, would be the Little Sister figurines, produced in very limited quantities, that are to scale with the Big Daddy figurines that came with the BioShock: Limited Edition (Xbox 360 and PC). The Little Sister figurines are priced at $15.00 (US).

For my own part, however, my Big Daddy figurine has never left his box, not once, so it'd probably be a waste for me to get the Little Sister figurine. I'll just see them both in game where they're more interactive and collect less dust.



I want one! This would be sooo kickass to have in my room.

Juxtapose said...

Better order one quick then dude, as apparently quantities are very limited and it is the holiday shopping season!

Kevin and Shasta said...

Yep all gone what a waste.