Saturday, December 06, 2008

Xbox 360 Jasper Chipset Featuring Increased Onboard Flash Memory

While most products see hardware revisions during their life cycle, Microsoft has apparently increased the onboard flash memory of their Xbox 360 Jasper chipsets from 16 MB to 256 MB.

As TeamXbox reports, what this means is that Xbox 360 consoles containing this revised chipset will be able to install the New Xbox Experience straight to their onboard memory instead of requiring a storage device.

This is a positive move, however there's one question I'm not sure about that perhaps one of you can answer: Let's say I purchase an Xbox 360 Arcade console that has this option, log on to Xbox LIVE and get the New Xbox Experience. Afterwards, I attach my 120 GB HDD which already has the New Xbox Experience installed on it. What happens? Will the one from my HDD be removed since it'd be obsolete, or would I end up having two "copies?"

Comment if you know.

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