Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dead Space (Xbox 360) Second Play-through Complete

About 2 weeks ago, I completed my second play-through of Dead Space (Xbox 360), and I've racked up every single Achievement save one, the Epic Tier 3 Engineer Achievement which I'll need to play through a third time for and on the game's hardest difficulty.

This second play-through took me a few hours less than my original run, and I replayed from my original "cleared" game, which means Issac Clarke started off with all the items and stats that he had upon completion of my first play-through, and this option forces you to play on the same difficulty, so Normal in my case.

I still consider Dead Space to be the scariest game on the Xbox 360 to-date, and a masterpiece of the survival horror genre, and while I still found the tentacle sequences and also the turret sequences very annoying (I hated getting those turret Achievements), the game itself is exceptional and certainly worth it for any fans of single player games.

The enemies are great and disturbing, the zero gravity sequences are exciting and innovative, and it's nice to have a game that combines so many gameplay elements and pulls them off very well. Here's hoping EA can capture the same spirit for the upcoming sequal.

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I really like this game too. =]