Thursday, December 25, 2008

Halo: Combat Evolved is this Week's Xbox LIVE Marketplace Deal of the Week

This week's Xbox LIVE Marketplace Deal of the Week is 50% off of Halo: Combat Evolved. You can temporarily purchase this classic shooter that launched the Xbox as a gaming name for 600 Microsoft Points, which translates into $8.70 (if you purchase your Microsoft Points via Xbox LIVE).

That's cheaper than the few remaining Platinum Hits retail copies I've seen in stores, and if you haven't experienced this original killer app, then this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

For those who missed out on it the first time around, Halo: Combat Evolved was a hugely revolutionary shooter. Not just because it put Microsoft's fledgling Xbox console on the map, but because it did so many things a shooter had never done before that really changed how players approached the standard shooter, and it was all done on a console back when shooter fans were hardcore PC elitists (I know, I was one).

Innovations of note from Halo: Combat Evolved:

- Seamless mix of on-foot and vehicle based combat
- Introduction of the 2 weapon-limit carrying system
- Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor areas, and vice versa
- Practical use of off-hand Grenades
- Effective Melee with every weapon
- Excellent enemy AI (the Elites are still fun to fight)
- A solid step forward for video game story-telling

To this day, Halo: Combat Evolved has held up as a solid shooter and is still smooth and a lot of fun to play. I highly recommend it.

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