Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gears of War 2 Completed for the Second Time

Finished Gears of War 2's Campaign for the second time this past Sunday, this time on Hardcore difficulty.

Nice action and roller coaster ride, but seriously, what is it with Epic's love of that horrible Checkpoint system? Seriously, why do I need to start a battle or so back if I end up dying, why can't it Checkpoint me before every major engagement? So much time lost replaying the same battles again and again and again. Retarded.

Overall though the gameplay itself is solid, and pulling off headshots is as fun as it was in Gears of War. Like the original, I found the Lancer and Longshot to be the best weapon combination throughout most of the game, but this time I favoured the Boltok more than the Snub. Also love the larger battles that were everywhere, especially against all the Reavers. For the most part, they're fun to fight.

Beautiful looking game to, I really like the enhancements done to the Unreal Engine 3, and I still think the sound track rocked. They have gotten better with story telling, but really, they do need to add a good bit more exposition. It can be done, but they need to be willing.

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