Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aliens vs Predator (Xbox 360) Sold

Earlier last week I decided to give Aliens vs Predator (Xbox 360) a go again to see how it'd fair on the Hard difficulty. I fired up the Marine campaign and after nearly a dozen tries, I simply was unable to pass that first night club sequence.

I then decided to give the Alien campaign a whirl and I was able to pass two Chapters, but got my butt handed to me in the third. The overall problem was that, as the player character, you were made of paper and it was far too easy for the AI opponents to punish you again and again and again. I found this got frustrating and simply took away from the gruesome gore, violence, and fun the title's Single Player has to offer.

At this point I knew I wouldn't bother playing through the Campaign again on Normal difficulty, and with the Multiplayer community being pretty sparse, there was little value left for me to keep the title. Thus I decided to trade the game in at Best Buy.

I went and they offered to give me $5.00 in-store credit for it, which I agreed to. Seeing as how I paid $19.99 for it last November, a quarter of the cost back isn't too bad. It's not too good either, but hey, I'm really not complaining. For what's amounted to a $14.99 purchase with the aforementioned trade-in taken into account, I got my money's worth with my original 15 to 20 hour playthrough.

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