Thursday, June 23, 2011

Halo: A Fistfull of Arrows Fan Graphic Novel

I usually don't post about fan fiction, but this warrants an exception. Earlier today I stumbled across what I thought to be previews of the next upcoming Halo graphic novel, only to realize it's a fan-made graphic novel done by one extremely talented individual: Leviathan.

Entitled Halo: A Fistfull of Arrows, this amazing work of art details what happens to Jun after the fall of Reach, and digs deeper into his past. While not canon at all, it's still a fascinating read with exceptional art and the only con as of this typing is that it's incomplete; about 30 pages remain to be added.

The love that's gone into this piece, the detail found in every panel and the efforts Leviathan has gone to to really plumb the depths of the Halo universe are most impressive, and if you want to check it out you can do so by stepping this way.

I eagerly await the piece's completion through the course of this July.

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