Sunday, June 05, 2011

BioShock 2: Minerva's Den Completed for the 3rd Time

Earlier this morning, I completed BioShock 2: Minerva's Den for the third time, and I'm as impressed with it now as I was the first time I fired it up. A lot of care went into this add-on and it certainly shows.

On this playthrough I resolved not to gather any Adam until I had finished all objectives in the first main level of the game. This made things both harder and easier in a way, since I was less powerful but I didn't have to contend with hordes of Spider Splicers early on which was always a big problem before.

While I did buy Tonics and Plasmid upgrades, I didn't buy any new Plasmids and relied on the core ones I found in the game, and I found myself mainly using the Ion Laser with support from the Spear Gun and Shotgun and later on, I began relying heavily on the Rivet Gun.

I also tried playing cautiously and strategically to avoid random deaths, looking to see how long I could survive for. This didn't work out so well when Security Command failed to distract a Turret in the first 15 minutes of my playthrough, which made me thankful for Vita Chambers as I wasn't saving as often as with other playthroughs.

Regardless, I still love the story and the well executed survival gameplay, and consider this the best single player DLC add-on I've yet experienced as the developers really go the atmosphere and tone down pat.

With the completion of this playthrough, which took about 8 hours, I'm likely done with BioShock 2 since I've played through it so much. For the franchise, I'm quite looking forward to what BioShock Infinite will be showing off this week at E3.

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