Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mortal Kombat Season Pass Now Available

For those of you who own Mortal Kombat on the Xbox 360, you can now download a Season Pass for 1200 Microsoft Points ($17.40) which entitles you to all four DLC characters at no additional charge, as well as eight Klassic Costumes.

Available immediately is Skarlet and the Sektor and Cyrax Klassic Skin, and coming in July will be Kenshi and Rain with an as yet unannounced fourth DLC character coming later. Also in July, a Klassic Smoke and Klassic Noob Saibot skin will be available.

Individually, each DLC character will cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5.80), so with the Season Pass you're essentially getting one for free. The Season Pass is not available for the PlayStation 3 version of the game and Sony's customers will be required to buy each character at full price individually.

Personally I think 400 Microsoft Points is a rip off for a single character and even with the discount it's still priced too high for it's worth. Sektor and Cyrax's Klassic Skins are available for free to all, and Klassic Smoke is already in the retail game, just unselectable like some of the other rip-off Klassic skins. The Klassic Noob Saibot skin is also just a palette swap of the standard Klassic ninja, so there's nothing special there.

Very unimpressive overall, if I do say so myself.

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