Saturday, June 18, 2011

BioShock: Rapture Excerpt

Our friends at Tor Books have once again sent along some great news, this time providing us an excerpt from the upcoming BioShock prequel novel entitled BioShock: Rapture.

I didn't even know a novel for the BioShock franchise was in the works, and I'm honestly not surprised as it's such a well fleshed out and mature universe that's just screaming for more exploration. In my opinion, the best time period to explore is around the founding of Rapture and the start of the civil war, and it looks like that's just what this novel's set to chronicle.

After reading the excerpt, which you can check out here, I'm quite excited for the book and I can guarantee that after reading it I'll want to fire up my copy of BioShock which I haven't touched in nearly three years (though I've been spending a lot of time with its sequel over the last year).

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