Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mortal Kombat "Skarlet" Vignette and Klassic Sektor and Cyrax Skins

A new vignette outlining the backstory of the first upcoming Mortal Kombat DLC character, Skarlet, has been released and you can watch it here or below.

Skarlet will be available on Tues. Jun. 21st to kick off summer, and in case you haven't noticed, this lady in red is a fan of blood. Interestingly, however, I'm still not sure how much she'll cost, but I hear it'll be over 400 Microsoft Points (so over $5.80. My bet would be on 560 Microsoft Points, $8.12). If that's the case, then I'll likely pass on the content.

What I won't be passing on though is this bonus to fans: Klassic Sektor and Cyrax skins will be released for free to all, also on June 21st. You can check out their trailer here or below.

They still look like BMX racers, which is awesome!

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