Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gears of War (Xbox 360) Complete for the 5th Time

Short and sweet kids, I completed Gears of War (Xbox 360) for the 5th time last week, and I really do have a love/hate relationship with that Campaign.

On one hand, I love the intense, pop and cover gameplay. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's got a Chainsaw Bayonet.

On the other hand, some sections of the Campaign or so stupidly hard and way too linear, and the game's retarded Checkpoint-only save system and poor ally AI make it an exercise in frustration.

Like I've said before, Gears of War is a destroyed beauty. And yes, I know I'll probably play through it again, and yes, I know I'll be buying Gears of War 2 when it's released, so don't bother pointing those out.

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