Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mass Effect 2nd Playthrough Complete

Last night, I completed my second playthrough of Mass Effect. I played as a Renegade female Vanguard and made it to Level 52. I also got the Krogan and Quarian Ally Achievements.

Mass Effect is not a perfect game, it has some pacing problems, the Mako is an abomination that should never have seen the light of day, and the combat's pretty clunky.

Having said all that, Mass Effect has one of the best stories around in a game, and the climax is a complete rush: great story, great level design, and the single most satisfying end-game I've ever played. That, and it's also a beautiful looking universe with the best digital actors ever.

I loved the Renegade ending to. The final discussion between Udina, Shepard, and Anderson just screamed Star Wars. With the "Emperor" dictating how his new Empire would be, his right hand going to coordinate the muscle, and the former mentor generally objecting but being powerless to stop the events set in motion. Classic Dark Side moment, and superbly voice acted.

The Biotic powers were a lot of fun, and Throw was great. I loved just "force pushing" a whole shit load of enemies out into space or just sending them smashing again walls. Barrier was a real life saver, and I love my Shotgun (go, go, Carnage!). For a close range weapon, it still worked wonders at long range, and since I unlocked its Achievement, I think I'll use that Skill for the Sentinal I plan to play next since he won't have any native combat skills.

Can I just say though that I'm disappointed you can't hit on Tali. Seriously. What? She's the hottest Squad member in the whole game! Look, you've got Liara who's kinda a wuss and Ash believes in stuff (wussy!), but Tali, I mean who wouldn't be turned on by that mysterious voice and sexy full face mask! And three fingers...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Mass Effect 2, and I'll play through Mass Effect at least one more time, maybe a 4th to try and get all the Achievements. If only other games had stories and characters this strong.

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