Saturday, March 08, 2008

The King of the Frozen North is Ready to Retire

Okay, straight up, those of you who know me know that the cold simply doesn't bother me. Winter doesn't bother me. I prefer winter to summer by far, and would rather deal with cold temperatures and snow than humidity and cancer-giving sunburns.

I spend my winters walking around in the same clothes I wear in spring and fall: a simple t-shirt and trench coat, and even in -20 C weather, that keeps me plenty warm and I'm fine.

Now, having said all that, I, the self proclaimed King of the Frozen North, would like winter to end and spring to arrive. Mainly, I'm sick and tired of all these damn snow storms ruining my social life. The roads and traffic are crap, and public transit also gets messed up.

I'm not looking forward to summer itself, mind you, as summer's only redeeming quality is female attire, but I could really do with some temperate days, nice patios, and drinks all around.

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