Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unreal Engine 3 Tech Video on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Epic Games is busy enhancing their excellent game engine, Unreal Engine 3, and they've shown off several improvements that will be featured in Gears of War 2 during the Game Developers Conference this year.

Hosted by Epic Games' CEO, Tim Sweeney, this video is now available under the Gears of War 2 section of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. In it, Mr. Sweeney shows off key features such as crowds, enhanced shadows, and destructable environments.

It's an interesting watch, and I'll be most impressed if they can really squeeze all of this out of the Xbox 360 while keeping the game playable and at a solid frame rate.

Of course if they can do this, then this'll prove that Epic Games' inability to include the extra content from Act V of the PC version of Gears of War as Downloadable Content for the Xbox 360 version due to "technical reasons" was all BS. But then, we all knew that anyway.

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