Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Halo 3 T-shirt

When the Staff bought his copy of the Halo 3: Limited Edition at Best Buy, he received a Halo 3 t-shirt that he never bothered wearing, so he donated it to a needy cause. Me.

Since getting it a few months ago, I've received nothing but compliments over the shirt; yes, even from women.

Hell, yesterday I wore it to the Tatoo Rock Parlour, a downtown Toronto club, and no one gave a shit. I just found it amusing that I was wearing the really nerdy shirt in the trendy club filled with cleavage and no one called me out on it. Awesome.

For my own part, the only thing that sucks about the shirt is since the Staff is our "special friend," i.e. a surley dwarfen bastard, it's a small when I usually wear a medium. That means I have to slather myself up in Vaseline just to slide the damned thing on. In fact, that's why I think I've received most of those compliments from women, because the shirt is so form fitting.

Wanna slather me up?

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