Thursday, September 15, 2005

Anarchy Online is Now Free to Play

Anarchy Online, a sci-fi massive multiplayer online roleplaying game from roughly 2001, is now free for anyone to play into 2007.

Anyone can download the client, create an account and start playing for free for well over a year. This does not apply to any of the game's expansion sets, only the original Anarchy Online.

If I get bored enough I might give this a try, as I've never really played an MMO before, mostly 'cause you need to pay a monthly fee.

Being an older game to, the requirements are very light. We're talking:
Windows 98/ME/2000 SP1+2/XP Pentium II 300 128MB RAM 2X CD-ROM drive
DirectX 3D 8Mb video card DirectX compatible sound device 700MB free hard drive
space Internet connection, 28.8K Modem

With a recommended of:
Pentium II 450 256 Mb RAM 3D card with 32MB RAM, DirectX 8X CD-ROM drive 1GB
free hard drive space Internet connection, 56K Modem

Anyone with a computer dated from roughly 2000 or greater should have no problem.


Sarah_S said...

Cool! Free is good. :)

I don't like the picture, though.

And my machine almost, but not quite, has the right specs. It only has a 266MHz processor and 64MB of RAM. Oh well. (Not too sure about the video card either.)

I think Lutz's computer has everything but the free hard drive space. :P

Juxtapose said...

To check the video card on your computer, there are two simple ways that I know of:

1) Click Control Panel then System. Click the Device Manager tab and then check your Display Adapters. These are your video card(s).

2) Right Click on your Desktop and select Properties. Select Settings, then Advanced. This should also be your video card.

Under Advanced, there might also be tabs dedicated solely to your video card.

Telly said...

Back when We, the Staff (TM) had a PII 266, that didn't stop us from loading titles spec'd for PII 300's! Take that, developers!

-The Staff

Sarah_S said...

Thanks for the video card info Sean. The main reason I didn't know about my video card was because I was at work when I wrote that, and thus could not verify my home computer's specs. :D

Thanks for the suggestion Telly. I'm a little concerned about only having half the required RAM. I guess the worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn't work. :)