Friday, September 02, 2005

Sony Playstation 3 GPU and Nvidia Mess Up

A few days ago, there was some interesting talk going about the Sony Playstation 3's GPU. On Aug. 31st, Team Xbox reported that a NVIDIA rep. had mentioned their custom GPU for the Playstation 3 will be less powerful than a GeForce 7800:
That means that almost a year before launch, there’s a PC graphics chip
that is more powerful than the RSX GPU found in the PlayStation 3. And make no
mistake, this is not a crazy, speculative conclusion; this comes straight from
the company that makes both parts: the RSX and GeForce 7800 graphics processing

Shortly afterwards though, NVIDIA contacted Team Xbox and corrected this here.

That's the thing about the Playstation 3, if you look at past reports and comments, often Sony and NVIDIA simply bash the Xbox 360 without backing up their own shit properly. It's not just that they criticize the competition, they do so in a juvenile manner. You can find articles about this through Team Xbox's August and July news archives.

Simply put, Sony's new console will be a good system, but they have yet to address online capabilities and a counter to the ever improving Xbox Live, they can't get their GPU facts straight, and if you ask me, their projected launch titles suck balls. Also, the projected cost for a PS3 (about $500 US) is more retarded than a special ed. class.

In the end, however, it'll be the exclusive titles that decide which console will be superior.

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