Friday, September 09, 2005

Morning Post

So I ended up seeing House of the Dead a few nights ago. It's another video game turned movie, and guess what? I stunk!

Typical lame plot. Punch of teens/college students go to a mysterious island for a rave, but when they get there everyone's missing. They're attacked by zombies and it's a struggle to survive. There's a lot of use of "Bullet Time" styled shots to the point where it gets old way too fast, and of course all these kids are master martial artists and perfect shots. Resident Evil was better, and it was pretty bad.

Essentially I found myself watching the flick simply to see what lameness would be brought up next; something that's so bad you have to watch it. Basically search back and read my editorial on game movies; this one followed about everything you're not supposed to do.

The only real redeaming quality of the flick was, just like Resident Evil: Apocalypse, boob shots. They had some great and lenghty boob shots in House of the Dead. My only piss off was that Ona Grauer, pictured left, was bouncing around in that tight top the whole flick and there was no boob shot of her once. She gets stabbed right in-between her boobs, but never a nipple. Such a damn tease, and she was the hottest one.

So, I think we all know where I'm going with this: The moral is, just say no to libraries.

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