Saturday, September 10, 2005

Healthy in Paranoid Times

Our Lady Peace's new album, Healthy in Paranoid Times, has been out since Aug. 30th. I haven't picked it up yet or actually heard the new single, "Where are you" yet; though I've checked out the samples of all 12 tracks on their web site.

It sounds alright; reminds me in style of their previous album, Gravity. Essentially it sounds like a great album to have playing in the background when you're doing something, but nothing monumental.

I'll probably grab it the next time I'm at a Futureshop or Best Buy. I actually still need to pick up their 1999 release, Happiness is not a Fish you can Catch.

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Telly said...

OLP's recent stuff = shmeh, IOHO. (In Our Humble Opinion, for those of you who don't do the acronym thingy). Wethinks they've never managed to top the originator, Naveed.

-The Staff