Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Fight the Flood" T-Shirt Drive Winding Down

Bungie's "Fight the Flood" t-shirt drive to raise funds for the American Red Cross is winding down. To date, they've sold 10, 817 shirts and raised $162, 255 US.

Our Staff said he'd order one, but I don't think he has yet and I doubt he will, 'cause he's a wuss who never finishes what he starts. You should see his back-log of video games. Scary stuff.


Telly said...

Well, yes and no. We, the Staff (TM) didn't wind up ordering a shirt. But we did donate $50 online to the Red Cross. Go we.

-The Staff

Juxtapose said...

Very good you crazy staff-like entity.

I salute you for your generous cash donation.