Sunday, September 04, 2005

Morning Post

So, one thing that has been frustrating me with Jade Empire is the camera during combat. On many occasions, I find that the camera will shift angles right when I'm about to dodge/jump out of the way of an opponent's strike, causing me to jump into it.

This is especially frustrating against powerful opponents who can knock a good quarter of your health of with a single or quick series of attacks.

Another frustrating thing about combat in this game is the lack of any reliable means to recharge your Focus (used for Focus Mode, Jade Empire's version of Bullet Time, and Weapon Styles); and sometimes your Chi (used for Spell Styles, Chi Strike, which increases damage, and most importantly, Chi Healing, your primary and often only healing method in combat). Chi can be replenished by using Spirit Thief Style, however certain key opponents are immune to Spirit Thief.

Overall a great game, but with several design flaws that hold it back from being a true champion.

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