Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beauty Quest

So I just watched Beauty Quest, the one-off documentary that I worked on but never saw the final product to. I thought it was very well done, nicely put together. A warning to the guys out there, it is a "chick-flick" sort of deal, however it does grapple with some interesting questions and themes that are applicable to all: What is beauty? To what end should one go to to achieve beauty? How do women and men respectively perceive beauty?

To many the answers will vary; it's all subjective. Hell, if you ask me the ultimate beauty is wrapped between two buns... yeah, I'm talking a grilled chicken burger with some lettuce, lots of mayo, and bacon. Everything's better with bacon. But I suppose it's unfair to expect people to achieve the level of beauty that a burger can offer.

Seriously though, what's beauty, what's acceptable? Is beauty the Page 3 girl in the link to the right? Sure is. Is beauty random woman X on the street. Yup. Is beauty your mum, friends, etc. Damn straight. Of course, all this beauty is subjective and measured differently by each person.

Then there's cosmetic surgery. Most every guy I know will do whatever he can to talk his lady out of getting a boob job, I sure would and I'm a boob guy. Why, because it's not natural, it's not who that person is; it's false, a lie. Then of course there's the health risks, but also the confidence factor. Most guys, akin to women, are attracted to confidence, yet when someone has to go get massive surgery just to feel good, I mean people who haven't been in any kind of accident or have any kind of condition, well it tells me they don't have confidence in themselves, and that's ultimately unattractive (no offence to anyone who has had said surgery; you do what you do and I'll say and perceive as I will).

This is all a very interesting topic, and one that can be debated a good bit from many angles.

If you haven't seen Beauty Quest yet and want to check it out, it'll repeat on the following stations and dates:

W Network
- Wednesday, August 24 @ 10:00 PM

The Documentary Channel
- Thursday, August 11 @ 5:00 PM
- Friday August 12 @ 5:00 PM
- Saturday, August 13 @ 7:00 PM


sookie said...

i thought is was beautiful too, but needed some car chases or something. no, really, it was amazing to hear that only 2% of women think of themselves as beautiful. are we that humble? are we not told enough? do we have unrealistic standards?

i just spent the weekend on the beach with a ton of girls of all sizes and shapes. we all "let it hang out" so to speak and i thought that was truly beautiful.

Juxtapose said...

Drawing upon my own experiences and observations, I often find so many women are just plain insecure with themselves. It never ceases to amaze me how often a woman will be extremely unhappy with her appearance when she looks totally beautiful, and how so many women obsess over how they look.

In fact I've known enough women who are so obsessed with their looks that it has the opposite effect and is a complete turn off; seeming too selfish, too superficial, and too... false, for lack of a better term.

Most women really need to lighten up a little. But hey, what do I know?