Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Morning Post - Doom Movie Teaser Trailer

IGN is hosting the exclusive release of the Doom Movie's Teaser Trailer. You can read their article here and watch/download the teaser here.

I'm a huge, huge fan of the Doom franchise, however I fully expect this film to suck (though I'd love to be wrong).

More thoughts on Doom, the movie and its teaser, and games to movie transitions later.


sookie said...

i came to tell you you need more visuals on your site (hey, you asked), but happily i found them. a super easy way to incorporate them into your site is using then once you've got that sorted you need a link to my page: then i'd say you're site is fantastic. good humour and good info dude.oh, but where are the beer and pizza reviews?

Juxtapose said...

I added your Blog to the News links, and I'll check out flickr through the course of the weekend. I just started tinkering with pics with the Clone Trooper image from yesterday, but that was easy enough so there should be more pics up on the site as time goes on (now I just gotta figure out videos).

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, all's fair though. Mind if I get a link on your site? . Your #1 source for useless crap (tm)!