Friday, July 15, 2005

Morning Post

I have got to stop playing Doom 3 (Xbox) on work nights, especially after a stressful work day. The game is great, I love the classic gameplay and the immersive/spooky atmosphere, however I find I can get a little too into it.

I'm playing through for the third time, on the Nightmare (Hardest) difficulty setting where you're essentially made of paper (Only 25% health), and man, does the game really suck me in. I definitely swear so much I'm sure I've made children cry somewhere, and sometimes my hands even hurt a bit from mashing the controller so damn hard.

The game has such a great atmosphere, I even on this 3rd play through I still jump and get surprised by stuff. Things that freak me out: Non-Chaingun Commandos. I hate these fuckers. Bad. They seriously piss me off as they're insanely fast, hard to dodge, and if you have the wrong weapon out and are low on health you probably won't have time to change before he kills you. I also really hate pouncing Imps. Normally Imps are wusses and quite easy to dodge, but if the fuckers pounce, you're dead in 1 to 2 hits. Annoying.

I also really hate super dark rooms where I vaguely remember something being in there, and when crap spawns behind you without you realizing it.

Heck, yesterday I noticed my chest was even faintly sore, which really can't be a good thing; I'm probably leadin' up to a heart attack or something.

Even though I'm 3 quarters of the way through the game, no more Doom 3 on work nights. I think it's just a little too much over stimulation. I'll probably go back to something slower paced, but no less enjoyable: The RPG masterpiece Jade Empire.

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