Monday, July 25, 2005

Morning Post - The New Shmuch Edition

Morning kids,

As you may have noticed, this blog now has staff. Things were starting to get really crazy around here, so I realized I couldn't solo this quest alone. Thus, I approached the Guild of Primate Adventurers. I was lookin' for a few good chimps, but unfortunately, Monkey Union Local 306 got to them to, and you wouldn't believe the paper work involved.

You know just to sit down at a freakin' type writer they needed accident insurance in place?!? Otherwise, they could sue my sorry ass!

So in dismay thinking there was none to aid me with this blog, I encountered this drunken, surly, dwarven dude who had a cardboard sign stating he'd work for Helmann's Salad Dressing (apparently French to go with that snooty laugh of his). When I finally got him to stop knawing on his own leg, I convinced him to labour long and hard for the good of Useless Crap!

Thus, let's all give Telly a warm welcome... just be careful about shaking his hand, as he does bite. No really, he does. Fuckin' psycho.

1 comment:

Telly said...

I hurl a thousand curses at Monkey Union local 306!! They refused to take me in!! Bastards.

-The Staff