Sunday, July 31, 2005

Morning Post

This is Phil. Phil is a pretty hot guy with a fair complexion. He likes cuddling by a roaring fire, mumbling through dimly lit hallways, and gnawing on his dates' neck, arms, or pretty much wherever else he can sink his teeth into. We also think he might be into grunge, however we can never get a straight answer out of him, he mostly trails off on something regarding "brains." That crazy Phil.

Phil works tirelessly at his job, and likes to travel for a good tasty meal if he can't find one close to home. He's always getting into mischief too. The other day he was following someone home and crossed the street without looking both ways. Phil was then introduced the front grill of that '87 Chevy. Now Phil, didn't mom always tell you to look both ways? Yes, I'm sure she did.

So as we go about this pleasant Sunday, relaxing and enjoying some time off, let's all try to remember good guys like Phil, who never rest, are never sated, and are always on the move.

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