Friday, July 29, 2005

Morning Post

One long weekend, coming up!

Long weekends are perfect; they're proper. If you ask me, and you didn't, but you're reading my blog so you're gonna sit there and read the Useless Crap (tm) I type, every weekend should be a three day weekend. Why? Because they're balanced, people have a thing for things that come in threes.

Simply put, a three day weekend has a proper beginning, middle, and end, and it gives you that time to do what you need to before heading back to slave labo... er, I mean the work we love so much as we further the goals of our Utopian society.

Anyway, I think we should launch a formal petition to have weekends changed to three day weekends permanently. Employee rest and therefore productivity would sky rocket.

I'll delegate this to my Staff to organize, Telly's been slacking off again anyway and needs something to keep him from pawing through the neighbour's trash.

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Telly said...

Okay, here's what we need you peoples in interweb-land to do. Turn and face your neighbour. Blink three times, then wink each eye three times in succession. Start with the right, then the left. Anyone who fails in this regard shall not benefit from our new three-day weekend Utopia. All who succeed shall start a trend of random, inane acts that will cause the corporate leaders of the world to question their employees' sanity and therefore their business practices.

The Revolutionary Staff