Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Hunt for Quake II

So after enjoying the demo for Quake II, I've decided I want to pick up the game. The problem is it's an old title and therefore hard to come by, both used and new.

I went to Best Buy, Future Shop, Wal-Mart, EB Games, Circuit City, Sears, the Bay, and Toys R Us, to no avail.

I also checked online at Amazon, EBy, Chapters, Microplay, etc., and the few I found were used and not in a fashion I'd really want to purchase something of this insignificance from.

The best (and what I feel to be most secure) location I found it, brand new, was at id Software's own online store, however the shipping cost is insane. The game is $26.11 (Canadian), and you know what, I'll pay that, however shipping is the same. $26.11 for shipping?!??!!? Like hell I'm paying that! $52.11 for a 7 year old PC Game is gayer than the time I had sex with a man (and the rest of that night is something I'd like to forget).

So, my Quest Journal has now been updated*: To find a new, legit copy of Quake II for roughly $20.00 Canadian (including shipping if it must be) and I will not rest or cease my vigilance until this prize be otained!**

So help me, I'll blow shit up in classic '90's FPS fashion yet!

- The Vindictive Juxtapose

* Because new quests like this come up when my staff goes on vacation, and I'm bored around the office with no one to through darts at. Telly makes a great pincushion.

** Or until I get bored or distracted by a shiny object. Tends to happen sometimes.

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