Monday, July 25, 2005

Same Sex Relationships in Jade Empire (Minor Spoilers)

I found this pretty interesting (and this post contains minor spoilers for the Jade Empire's story). In most RPGs, especially BioWare's RPGs, there are always chances for the player character to develop romance plots with other characters in the game. In Jade Empire, however, you can actually have same sex relationships, which might be the first for an RPG; or at least the first so openly.

If you play as a male character, you can have a romance with female characters Dawn Star and Silk Fox, or male character Sky.

If you play as a female character, you can have a romance with Sky or Silk Fox.

I just completed the game as a male character, and I fulfilled the romance plot with my childhood friend, Dawn Star (what can I say, I'm a sucker for the girl next door); however for the hell of it I may try the Sky route on my 3rd (next male) play through.

I'm presently playing through as a female character, so perhaps I'll hit on Silk Fox. 'Cause, you know, most guys have no beef what-so-ever with two lovely ladies going at it; especially with all those extra polygons. We like polygons.

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