Sunday, September 23, 2007

BioShock Scratched Disc - Updated

As I resumed playing BioShock earlier today, I noticed that, even after my clean install and not installing the Title Update, it began to have stuttering audio and random pauses. Frustrated, when I removed the disc from the DVD drive, I noticed that the underside appeared to have several scratches on them.

I contacted 2K Support since I had not yet heard back from them, and I found that my case was still in cue with their tier 2 support team, however I did inquire regarding the scratched disc and if they have a replacement program.

The answer is yes, and the disc can be replaced for $7.75 (US). The rep also informed me that if the disc is scratched and that the Xbox 360 is at fault, than Microsoft themselves might be liable. The rep sent me the disc replacement info, and I decided to put the disc to the test.

I've rented another copy of BioShock and gave the rental disc a whirl and it played flawlessly using my existing, previously stuttering saved game. I then installed the Title Update and after a few attempts at clearing the cache, it to is playing fine with the rental disc. This tells me that the problem all along has been my BioShock disc, however after playing and then examining the rental disc, it to looked a bit more scratched than I remember from when I first started using it.

I then decided to check some other game discs that I've used recently, and while Spider-Man 3 looked perfectly fine, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which I recently played extensively and had some minor audio issues with, was scratched like BioShock in a very similar pattern. I'm going to keep on playing, and I'll inspect the rental disc after each play session. I should be able to get a few of those in before Halo 3, and if I am convinced that my Xbox 360 is scratching discs, I'll need to send it in for service.

Hopefully though I'm just being paranoid, but sadly I don't think so.

Update: My BioShock rental disc started to have minor freezing issues with the Title Update, so I deleted all BioShock content from my HDD, performed the undocumented maintenance feature to clear all cache and Title Updates, and have decided to simply play with the basic retail version offline.

While re-downloading the Title Updates for my other games, I inspected all the discs and some of them that were used a lot, like Gears of War, are perfectly fine, and others used only a little, like Prey, have some measure of scratches. They all read fine, however. So when it's all said and done, I don't know; I simply do not know. I'm just so frustrated right now. All I want is a simple and smooth gaming experience with BioShock, and I feel like I've been hit with the Enrage Plasmid.

I suppose I'll know for sure once Halo 3 is launched, as I'll be playing that a lot. I'll be able to see if it has any issues, and if the disc gets scratched at all. If it continues to access fine, than maybe something's just really, really screwed with BioShock.

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Flame_Kettle said...

I got Halo 3 the other morning, got it at WalMart, my wife and son had got the pre order kit from there,, a poster and a free extra case, yippee,,

anyways, I played about 15 minutes into it, it is very well done in my opinion, of what I have seen so far,,

Then I get a call from my wife, she went in to talk to his teacher and found out he has been misbehaving regarding homework, so, he is grounded from it, and effectively so am I,, ha ha,, since we agreed we were going to try to tackle the whole game in co-op mode,, some Father and Son bonding fighting the Covenant,

anyways, check my site for a picture at least,