Sunday, September 16, 2007

Xbox 360 DVD Drive Status

So my DVD drive has consistently been jamming when I eject it for the first time after boot up, doesn't matter if the console is positioned horizontally or vertically. I've also noticed it getting a little louder, and I've gotten the Dirty Disc Error a few times.

Yesterday I decided to do some tests to see if I could find what the problem was. I removed my Faceplate, and tried to see if I could find anything the drive might be sticking on, however there was nothing to see. Whatever the issue is, it's internal.

I've re-attached the Faceplate now, however ever since removing it, the drive seems to be sticking less, though it still does so once ever few openings or so.

Should the problem get worse, or if I ever have trouble actually getting a disc out of my Xbox 360, I'll most likely need to call Xbox Support and send my console in.

The question at that point is do I wait for them to take over a month to get my Console back to me, or do I simply go out and purchase a Core System, either keeping it after as a spare or selling my refurbished unit at reduced cost.

I certainly do not want to miss the launch of Halo 3...

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