Saturday, September 29, 2007

BioShock (Xbox 360) Pausing Issue Resolved (I Hope)

Earlier this week, my computer assistant at work was kind enough to look at my scratched BioShock disc. After a quick examination, he told me that the bulk of what I thought to be scratches were actually scuff marks and could be polished out.

Using a soft monitor wipe, he was able to do so, and he actually figured that since they were substantial enough, they may have been interfering with the DVD drive's ability to properly read the disc.

Since then, I've played BioShock for about 3 hours (unpatched and offline), 30 minutes in one session and about 2.5 hours the other, and the game has only paused on me once with that pause lasting for about 2 seconds. Basically the game's playing rock solid, and I'm really hoping that my problems have been solved.

My Xbox 360's DVD drive actually hasn't been sticking a lot lately either, so I'm going to take that as a good sign and I'll try to curb my paranoia and simply play on the damn thing. If I find I have additional discs becoming unplayable and it appears that they've been scratched up, then I'll send my console in for service.

Hopefully that won't happen though, and until then, I'm going to go play with my Big Daddy.

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