Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hell Gets a Little Confusing

Here's the latest update from We, the Staff (TM)'s epic Xbox 360 struggle.

For the past few days, Microsoft's Xbox service site has not updated itself from stating that the "empty return box has been shipped to customer". This is odd, since Our very much not empty return box was shipped out Tuesday evening, and was signed for by a Microsoft employee Wednesday morning.

We, the Staff (TM) decided this evening to call 1-800-4MY-XBOX once again to ascertain whether or not they had confirmation of receiving Our unit. What we learned on the phone was confusing - according to the automated system at 1-800-4MY-XBOX, the repair has been complete and the 360 should be returned to Us within 5 business days. While this is fantastic news, it concerns us that the Xbox service site has not been similarly updated.

We can only hope that the unit gets returned to Us this coming week. We have catching up to do with BioShock before Halo 3 comes out!

-The Staff

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Juxtapose said...

Have you spoken to a Support Rep. yet, instead of just the automated service?

If not, I'd call Support back and do so. Odds are though, that you'll get your console by end of this week.

I've often found tracking sites for online orders, such as from Best Buy, to update very, very slowly.