Saturday, September 29, 2007

Controller Layout in Halo 3

Back during development, I remember reading that Bungie would allow players to choose a "classic" version of the controller configuration if they didn't want to use their new button mapping layout, yet sadly it seems that this was cut before release.

Personally, I simply don't like the controller layout for Halo 3 one bit. Who's bright idea was it to move Reload from "X" (where it's been in the series since late 2001) to "RB?" The Halo trilogy is one that's steeped in tradition for the Xbox label, it's the poster series for the consoles, and moving the layout around like that is annoying as hell.

Halo 3 is a shooter. A shooter in which you shoot things. Violently. With guns. Guns that need to be reloaded. Reloading which has occurred on "X" for nearly 6 years. I mean, Halo: Combat Evolved defined the bloody layout for modern console shooters!

This could all have been resolved with the simple option to remap the controller, but apparently Bungie has yet to realize that it's 2007.

Blasted heresy.

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