Monday, September 03, 2007

BioShock (Xbox 360) and "Problem with my Disc"

Yesterday, roughly 3 times as I attempted to load my BioShock (Xbox 360) save game, I encountered the Dirty Disc Error for the very first time. For those unaware, the Dirty Disc Error pops up if your Xbox 360 is having issues reading a disc, and it may be caused by the disc simply being dirty or scratched, or it may be a more general hardware issue.

Being an Xbox 360, and thus having a 30 % plus possibility of hardware failure, my original reaction was mild panic that I'd need to send my console in for service, right as I was approaching the final levels of BioShock. After the first occurrence, my save game did load, however.

Later in the day I came back to BioShock, and once more the Dirty Disc Error popped up, and trying to reload failed and produced the same error. I then decided to actually listen to the message and inspect the disc, and sure enough, there's a circular smudge that must have been caused when the disc was being read or even copied. Traditionally when I get a new disc, be it a game, DVD, or CD, I immediately turn the disc over and inspect it, however for whatever reason I did not do this with BioShock, so I have no idea if my disc came this way or if my own Xbox 360 is the culprit.

Regardless, I used some toilet paper and cleaned the disc, which lightened but did not remove the smudge. Since that simple cleaning, I have not had anymore Dirty Disc Errors pop up, and I'm nearly done the game.

Should the problem return in the next few days, I'll most likely contact EB Games to see if they can do anything in terms of a replacement disc, since I bought it from them two weeks ago tomorrow.

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