Monday, September 03, 2007

Halo 2 (Xbox) DVD Case Art

Noticed something interesting yesterday as I was browsing through Best Buy: Not only is Halo 2 the only Xbox title displayed alongside every single Xbox 360 title today at retail outlets, but Microsoft Game Studios has redone the back of the DVD case to much more closely resemble the PC version's case. The information is still a bit different, of course, but the current Halo 2 (Xbox) DVD Case is _not_ the one that the game retailed with nearly 3 years ago.

While searching for an image of the new case art, I came across the picture displayed left. This picture was posted on and Xbox 360 fan site back in April 2005 here, back when there were rumours going around that Halo 2 would be re-released as a "completed" version for the Xbox 360 at launch, allowing the player to "finish" the Campaign. While those rumours were most certainly false, the "doctored" pic featured here over two years ago _is_ the current Halo 2 (Xbox) case art of today, minus the Xbox 360 logo and the "Director's Cut" caption.

So does that mean that Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios were considering a Director's Cut of Halo 2 at the time? Possibly. More realistically, however, Microsoft Game Stuidos had simply designed the PC version's box art and always planned to redo the Xbox version's art, and this was an early prototype.

That's it, that's my post. You can now retire happy knowing that your life is complete.

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