Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bungie Talks Halo Movie

Jebus, tonight's a Halo posting night.

Saw over at Bungie's web site that they've finally made a real comment on the upcoming Halo movie, and it's a good length, insightful read.

Highlights include:

- Why they rejected making a Halo movie 6 months after the release of the original game
- Why they chose Alex Garland to write the script
- What they're doing and looking for to make sure the film doesn't suck
- And most interestingly, a page from the Halo bible that's going along with the script to make sure things stay official and on the up and up. I believe this is a page (revised seeing as how there's Halo 2 screen shots in it) from the original Halo bible, the one they wrote before making the first game which had the entire universe and storyline fleshed out.

Overall good news for Halo fans.


sookie said...

Halo movie? Will it be in the Toronto International Film festival? Kidding... Just so you know they just announced the programme. On "my other blog" are some interesting details about the Gala screenings. They might be your cup of tea (or gun powder). Guessing from the casts they may all be action flicks. Well, apart from Judi Dench's picture....Go see http://416style.blogspot.com. It's my blog for those almost in the know.

sookie said...

oh, and you may want to remove CBC as your news link, there's news no more.

Juxtapose said...

I did a check on CBC's web site and they are still updating the news, so I'll leave the link for now.

I'll also add a link for 416 Style in the near future.