Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just because We like proving Fearless Leader wrong...

We, the Staff (TM) aren't lazy! So here's a smattering of news updates. Why, you ask? Because we're the professional staff, that's why! We do professional stuff! Now sit down and read!


Those silly primates over at NASA can pat themselves on the back... or pat each other on the back... or groom each other and pick out those nasty insects. Er, where were we? Oh yes, NASA. Yes, the space shuttle Discovery has landed safely in California, where the Barbarian King resides. Why California and not the usual Kennedy Space Centre in Florida? Because those crazy Floridians had lousy weather. The next shuttle launch was scheduled for September, but the whole issue of foam insulation falling from the shuttle's fuel tank needs to be resolved first. At least this isn't the end of Monkeys in space. Not yet.

In other news, the surging price of oil has consumers (i.e. anyone who drives) concerned yet again. Instability in Saudi Arabia (the recent death of their King and the constant threat of extremist attacks on pipelines), constantly increasing demand for the black stuff, and an overall shortage in western markets are causing the soaring cost. We, the Staff (TM) have long thought that the world will have to be weaned from oil in some way, shape or form. If not for the sake of the economies of the world, then certainly for that of the environment. Hopefully (there's that damn "hope" word again) this uncertainty will force us cursed capitalists to realize that we have to be willing to part with certain practices and find some real solutions to our energy woes. Even if it does mean the collapse of certain corporations as we know them...

-The never-lazy Staff

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