Saturday, August 06, 2005

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil coming to Xbox?

Saw over at IGN Xbox that Activision might have plans to publish Doom 3's PC Expansion as a standalone for the Xbox.

Resurrection of Evil, the expansion to the PC version of Doom 3, was released on the same day as the Xbox version of original Doom 3 in early April '05. Shortly afterwards, id Software's C.E.O. Todd Hollenshead said that id was examining options of porting Resurrection of Evil to the Xbox via an Xbox Live download, but nothing was for sure.

While we still don't have an official confirmation, this is all good news, and the prospect of getting a hard copy of the expansion instead of having to download it as a Premium Download over Xbox Live is something I greatly prefer.

I greatly enjoyed Doom 3, as it combined a cutting edge graphics engine with an amazing sound mix to remake one of the greatest video games of all time. Doom 3 has classic style, late '90's-ish FPS gameplay and a lot of people criticized the game for this, however since id was straight-up about it being a remake of a 1993 title I had no problem with it; I knew what I was getting and loved most every minute of it.

Should they truly bring Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil to the Xbox, I'll greatly enjoy taking another stroll through Hell.

The official Doom 3 site has more info on Resurrection of Evil (there's no direct link with it being a flash site, so you have to navigate through a few menus).

Please note that the screen shots here are from the PC version, as there is no official news/media from an Xbox version at this time.

Update: With Resurrection of Evil predicted to hit Xbox this fall, it makes perfect sense for Activision to release it on or around Oct. 21 when Doom hits theatres. Extra marketing for both properties. Again, no official word on this, just my own speculation.

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