Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Staff gets useful

We, the Staff (TM) decided we had had enough of harping on poor, defenseless fearless leader. So, we shall once again endeavour to bombard You, the Reader (no TM), with some current events.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has chosen a new Governor General, a Quebecois journalist by the name of Michaelle Jean. Like the outgoing GG, Adrienne Clarkson, this one also comes from a long career with the CBC (anyone catching a trend here? Work for the CBC! You get cushy government gigs after a while!) We, the Staff (TM) are relatively neutral on the matter of the Governor General. It is a rather ceremonious position which illustrates our continued link to the British Monarchy. While the Staff are not devout monarchists, we are not expressly against Canada's continuing ties to said monarchy. To us, it represents our continued good relations with our primary "parent country", and is symbolic of the comparatively bloodless way we grew into an independent nation (as opposed to the Americans, who always do things with their guns).

-The Staff

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