Saturday, August 13, 2005

Morning Post

So yesterday a massive "we need a computer" emergency sprung up at work, so I valiantly took a cab about 30 minutes north to a mall which had the only such computer available. The most interesting thing about this mystical journey was the cabby.

Shortly after the trip started, he started telling me about how he hates renovation people and how he paid a reno guy extra to get a job done quickly at a house of his in Croatia. Apparently the job hasn't been finished and the cabby wants to blow the guy up and blow up the guys place; a very interesting comment to, shall we say, aggresively go on about to a customer. Yes indeed.

Crazy cabby actually got me there and back in under an hour and a half (with 20 min. spent in the mall), so I gave him a very good tip, and you can all rest easy, he didn't blow me up.

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