Thursday, August 25, 2005

Morning Post - Lego Star Wars Complete

So I finished Lego Star Wars: The Video Game last night.

Overall it was a good deal of fun and just a great, novel idea. The game has good graphics and sounds, but is held back by simple, repetative missions (though this makes it kid friendly) and bad camera angles; which more mostly a problem with the game's jumping puzzles, notably at the end of the game.

Also Yoda jumps a lot like he does in Attack of the Clones, and that's pretty annoying. I'm not talking about when he's fighting, I mean when he's simply moving with his Light Sabre drawn. I found the best Episode, both in design and sheer fun, was Episode II, followed by III.

Anyway, there's a really funny sequence with Commander Cody and Obi-Wan when they're trying to find Grevious on that sink hole world, some head knocking going on there, and killing Clone Troppers is great as their helmets (well, their heads) bounce away. But it's Lego so it's okay.

The only thing I haven't done in the game is the secret level, but I wasn't able to unlock it. I know how, but going back to do so is too much work.

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game makes a great rental, but in my opinion isn't worth buying for $49.99 (unless you have a Star Wars loving kid). When it drops to a $19.99 Platinum Title, that'll be a different story.

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