Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Politics... How tiresome."

So it seems there's more a-doin's a-transpirin' over at Parliament Hill and Rideau Hall. Governor General-designate Michaelle Jean has come under fire because of some supposed separatist ties that those crafty Quebecers have supposedly uncovered. Note the use of the word "supposed" and/or "supposedly" there. After several days of silence, both the GG-D and the PMO (Prime Minister's Office, for those uneducated baboons out there... and we're looking in your general direction, fearless leader...) "cleared the air", as it were, denying any past allegiance that Jean had with the Separatist movement in Quebec.

The "evidence" the rumour-mongers had come up with seemed somewhat circumstantial at any rate. The first example showed Jean making a toast with known Separatists, and the second was a recorded statement of her saying "Independence is not given, it is taken", though with no context.

In We, the Staff (TM)'s humblest of opinions, we think this is just more politicking on behalf of the Separatists in Quebec. The appointment of Jean, a prominent media figure in Quebec, is engineered to foster support in a territory where support for the Liberals has severely eroded thanks to Adscam. Naturally, the opposition in said territory (i.e. the Separatists) are going to try to make the appointment look like a blunder. We repeat... "Politics... How tiresome."

-The Staff


Juxtapose said...

Uneducated am I? Looking at me are you?

Very well, I'll handle this lousy seperatist problem.

I shall great a Grand Army to counter the increasing threats of the Seperatists.

However it shall take 10 years to condition said Army; not 'cause they're clones or anything, but because it takes that long to build up an immunity to the snooty French laugh.

Telly said...

Err, We think our uneducated fearless leader meant to say "create", not "great". Exactly what use "great" has as a verb is a mystery to us...

-The Staff