Friday, August 12, 2005

The Staff's semi-quasi-bi-daily news update

So those folks at NASA are busy these days (and no, We, the Staff (TM) are not official NASA spokespeople... we're just space nuts). They've sent a new orbiter on its way to study Mars. This one will orbit the red planet for four years, making it the most extensive study of our neighbouring orb to date. This is all, of course, in preparation for the day when we'll have primates on other worlds. And then will come the time of the dominion of apes. Not men - Apes.

In other news, the U.K. has banned one of its residents, a hate-mongering Islamic cleric, from returning home. Omar Bakri Mohammed left Britain shortly before the government instated new anti-terrorism measures. This raises a pertinent question, however - should anyone found to be a hate-mongerer (anti-semitic, racist, violently homophobic, etc etc etc) be deported and/or similarly expelled from a given society? Is simply banning someone from one particular place going to prevent them from spreading their ideologies? Or do we still need to tackle the root of this problem rather than dealing with the most obvious of its manifestations?

-The Staff


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