Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Morning Post - That actually comes in the morning!

So lately I've been having these apocalyptic dreams, mostly involving zombies. I'm usually either stuck in the city, a specific building, or mysterious installation X. I had one dream where it was alien invasion and the city was getting butchered, but it's mostly zombies.

Sometime people I know are there (including my multiple personality disordered Staff), and I always manage to survive myself, yet I find one thing very strange: Not once have I ever had possession of the traditional zombie killer. The shotgun.

Lousy, low budget indie dreams. I bet Phil has something to do with this; always on the go an such.

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Telly said...

We, the Staff (TM), must once again protest. Yesterday's post very much did come in the morning. It is very clearly stated as being posted at 9:50 AM. AM meaning Ante Meridiem, meaning Latin for "Before Noon", meaning Morning. Honestly, Fearless Leader, sometimes We, the Staff (TM) wonder about you.